February 20, 2024


Best Floor standing Worcester Bosch Boilers in the UK in 2024

Worcester Bosch Floor-Standing Boilers

Are you looking for a floor-standing boiler that will provide efficient and reliable home heating? Worcester Bosch Floor-Standing Boilers are the leading name in the UK heating market, offering a range of both gas and oil floor-standing boilers that combine innovative technology with practicality.

In this guide, we’ll explore the 3 best Worcester Bosch floor-standing boilers available in the UK, tailored for homeowners who seek excellence in gas and oil heating solutions.

Why Choose a Worcester Bosch Floor-Standing Boilers?

Choosing a Worcester Bosch floor-standing boiler means both getting quality and smart energy savings. With energy prices soaring like never before, these boilers are built to last a long time and to save you money on your energy bills.

No matter the size of your home, there’s a model just right for you, offering the warmth and hot water you need. Plus, with cutting-edge features like smart controls, you’re getting a modern, efficient heating system that’s easy to use.

In short, Worcester Bosch offers reliable boilers that save you money and make heating your home simple. But what are the best available Worcester Bosch floor-standing boiler models on the UK heat market in 2024? Here is the list.

Top 3 Worcester Bosch Floor-Standing Boilers in 2024

1. Worcester Bosch Greenstar FS CDi Regular

Worcester Bosch Floor-Standing Boilers Greenstar FS CDi Regular

Our Extended Guarantee Offer - 10 Years

Launched - 2019

Price Range: Approximately £2,500 - £3,000

With outputs up to 40kW, the Greenstar FS CDi Regular is ideal for larger homes with multiple bathrooms. The Greenstar FS CDi Regular offers exceptional efficiency and is compatible with solar water heating systems for even greater savings on energy bills.


  • Exceptional energy efficiency.

  • Solar compatibility.

  • Extensive hot water output, suitable for high demand.

Further considerations:

  • Requires space for a separate hot water cylinder.

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2. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility

Floor-standing boiler Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility

Our Extended Guarantee Offer - 7 Years

Launched - 2020

Price Range: Approximately £2,500 - £3,000

Designed for utility or boot rooms, the Greenstar Danesmoor Utility blends in seamlessly with its surroundings while providing reliable and efficient heating.


  • Compact design for easy integration.

  • High efficiency for lower energy consumption.

  • Versatile installation options.

Further considerations:

  • Not suitable for very small spaces due to its floor-standing nature.

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3. Worcester Bosch Greenstar Highflow CDi

Our Extended Guarantee - 10 Years

Launched - 2021

Price Range: Approximately £3,000 - £3,500

A perfect solution for homes needing both efficient heating and instant hot water, the Greenstar Highflow CDi boasts a built-in storage tank, ensuring hot water is always on hand.


  • Built-in hot water storage.

  • High flow rate, ideal for quick filling of baths and showers.

  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

Further Considerations:

  • Higher upfront costs due to advanced features.

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What to Consider Before Buying a New Boiler

Household Size and Demand

Assess your home’s heating and hot water demand. Larger families or homes with multiple bathrooms might benefit from a model with a higher output. 

Space Availability

Floor-standing boilers are larger than their wall-hung counterparts, so ensure you have adequate space for installation.


Consider both the upfront cost and potential energy savings. Investing in a more efficient model can lead to significant savings over time.


Always opt for a professional installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure safety and optimal performance. Additionally, you will need to always use an OFTEC engineer for all oil boiler installations. 

Need Boiler Installation Assistance?

At The Boiler Installation Specialists, we’re here to ensure your journey toward a warmer, more energy-efficient home is smooth and stress-free. With a team of expert engineers who specialize in Worcester Bosch boilers, we provide professional advice, installation, and aftercare services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re unsure about the best boiler model for your home, need guidance on energy efficiency, or require a comprehensive installation service, our dedicated professionals are just a call away.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service from start to finish, ensuring your boiler installation is executed flawlessly. Don’t hesitate to reach out for any boiler installation assistance.



Worcester Bosch’s range of floor-standing boilers offers UK homeowners efficient, reliable, and innovative heating solutions. Whether your priority is energy efficiency, compact design, or high hot water demand, there’s a Worcester Bosch floor-standing boiler that fits the bill. 

Remember to consider your household’s specific needs and consult with a heating expert to make the most informed decision for your home.

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