August 7, 2020


Why A-rated Boiler is Best Choice For Complete Home Heating Solution

What is A-rated Boiler? What makes it the best choice for your home? Are there other types of boilers in the market too? Well, if these are some questions that are hovering over your mind, then you might get there answer today. Understanding A-rated boilers in detail will help you make a wiser decision and also save your hard-earned money. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

What is A-rated Boiler?

A-rated boiler usually refers to the Seasonal Efficiency of Boilers used for domestic purposes in the UK (SEDBUK). It is a type of Boiler Efficiency Rating which is given once the boiler meets all compliances. The A-rated ones are considered to be the most efficient boilers with an efficiency of 90 percent or more.

All the A-rated boilers have a hallmark of approval from the Energy Saving Trust. It was earlier rated on a scale from A to G, with A being the highest in energy efficiency. But, to simplify the rating criteria, the rating formula was changed to a percentage number. The higher the percentage, the better the efficiency and energy saving. Going by the same rule, A-rated are the best boilers and the most recommended for all UK households.

Advantages and why it is the best choice for your home:

Buying an A-rated boiler offers you assurance and quality. It also means you are going to invest in a long-lasting efficiency. What it does is – allow you to get more heat per unit of energy spent, thus helping you save money. It not only makes your home energy efficient but also lets you contribute to a much greater cause of saving the environment.

When you compare the boilers with different ratings, you would notice the jump in energy consumption. But with A-rated boilers, you end up saving a lot more because of smart power and heat management. Investing in energy-efficient boilers is always a better choice to make as it not just save money on your household bills but also lead to a brighter and greener life.

We often don’t pay much attention to these little things, but they usually add up and make a significant difference in our lives with quality heating and more savings. If you are still using an old inefficient boiler or considering to buy a new one due to constant repairs, then upgrading to an A-rated boiler would be the best choice.

Save money and save the planet by doing your bit. Although you would find a wide range of boilers at a lot cheaper than A rated ones, you should not think only about initial cost or saving money at the time of buying.

There are lots of expenses in the form of energy bills, repair, and maintenance costs of the boiler, which are recurring expenses and should be thought carefully before buying the boiler. There are A-rated boilers available at affordable prices too or easy finance options, so you should not wait around for hefty energy bills and get an A-rated heating solution today.

If you are still in doubt and need to get unbiased advice or consultation, you may get in touch with us. We would help you with the new boiler installation and boiler finance options.

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