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September 13, 2019


Which Boiler is Best for You Gas Boiler or Oil Boiler?

Before you know which boiler is best for you, a gas boiler or oil boiler, you should look at your requirements and expectations from the boiler. A good boiler installation company can help you choose between a gas boiler and oil boiler.

Let’s Check Out the Difference Between Gas Boiler and Oil Boiler

Both are boilers, so both do the same process of heating the home by turning water into steam and moving it through the pipes to the places you need to keep warm.

Between the gas boiler and oil boiler, a gas boiler is often the economical choice for homeowners as it saves their monthly fuel expenses. Also compared to an oil boiler, a gas boiler has much lower installation cost and easier to operate on a daily bases.

Making a transition from an oil boiler to a gas boiler can take thousands of bucks and lots of labor, so, it’s essential to know the advantages of both. Compare the energy efficiency, longevity, servicing, and machinery and assembly expenses of both oil vs. gas boiler. You can contact your local plumbers for free projections if you are looking to replace your old boiler. First thing you do for that is search for Gas boiler installers near me on the internet to get services of best installers in your locality.

Here are some pros and cons of gas boiler and oil boiler that would help you choose the right boiler for you:

Pros of Gas Boiler:

  • Savings: Prices of both gas and oil boiler do depend on model and company, but, still gas boilers are found cheaper than oil ones.
  • Green Energy: Natural gas is any day more nature-friendly than oil. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) estimates natural gas boilers 90 percent efficient! It’s good for both planet and your wallet.
  • No Storage Problem: Gas is supplied directly to your home with pipes so that you don’t have to worry about the storage of fuel for your boiler.

Cons of Gas Boiler:

  • Connection Problem: You’ll have to depend on the municipality for the supply of gas if your area doesn’t have a gas supply you can’t have a gas boiler.
  • Maintenance: Installation and maintenance of gas boiler can be expensive as you have to connect it to the main supply line and cost of pipes and labor can be sometimes substantial.
  • Gas Leaks: Carbon Monoxide gas leaks can happen if the connections are not maintained properly. It may result in fire or explosion.

Pros of Oil Boiler:

  • Availability: You don’t have to depend on the municipality for the supply of oil; you can buy it from a local vendor and store it without worrying about supply.
  • Clean Energy: Surprise! Oils may not sound like clean energy at first, but, now some companies make oil mixed with biodiesel. Biodiesel blended oil burns much cleaner than the traditional oils.
  • Independence: As the availability of oil mostly depends on you, you don’t have to depend on gas supply or electric supply to heat your home with a boiler. You only need to get it delivered and store it.

Cons of Oil Boiler:

  • Storage Problem: Though oil boiler gives you freedom, it also gives you the burden of storing the fuel in your premises. You can only store a limited amount of oil and also have to take care of stored fuel, which can be stressful.
  • Delivery: Oil cannot be produced by yourself; you have to be dependent on your local vendor for its supply and delivery. If you run out of fuel in adverse weather, you would not be able to heat your home.
  • Traditional Oil: If your local vendor doesn’t sell biodiesel blended oil, your oil boiler will harm the planet.

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