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April 8, 2022


Which Boiler Do I Need For My Home?

Having an efficient boiler in your house keeps your rooms cosy and maintains a steady hot water supply. However, choosing which type of boiler you need for your home can pose several challenges. You need to find a boiler that complements the size, design and fuel source of your home.

Thus, knowing the features of different boilers, the fuel options, and the available design scheme helps you make the best choice.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Boiler?

In addition to evaluating your current and future needs, you will need to examine factors such as:

  • The size of your property
  • The average use of hot water in your family
  • Efficiency of your current heating system
  • Which type of fuel is available to you easily

Also, you will need to narrow down your choices to the boilers that are compatible with your home’s plumbing setup. Getting a model that utilises renewable energy could be a big plus.

How To Choose The Right Boiler Size?

The size of the boiler needs to comply with the size of your house for stellar performance.

If you have a big house with excessive hot water usage and several heat radiators, you’ll require a powerful boiler.

If you are trying to save money on the purchase upfront and in the long-term with energy expenses, it is better to avoid a smaller boiler.

Also, a big boiler doesn’t always mean the best boiler option either. In fact, you might pay more for the installation and the expense of having to run it later.

Thus, consulting with a professional to select the perfect boiler is the best option. They calculate the number of radiators, occupants, rooms and water usage in your house to find the most suitable boiler.

How to Choose the Right Fuel Type?

Choosing the right fuel type depends on the boiler category and efficiency you are expecting, along with the available fuel sources. Even the best boiler allows some heat to escape, but the right model with the right fuel type can give you a decent performance.

For example, electric boilers tend to have a high-efficiency rating since they don’t require venting. Moreover, they’ll give you high efficiency if electricity is cheap in your area.

Alternatively, if you are already connected to a gas network, then a gas-fired boiler offers you a viable choice that’s still relatively inexpensive.

Otherwise, you can go with an oil-fired boiler which is still affordable if you can find oil at cheap rates.

Which Boiler is Best for My House?

Along with the fore-mentioned factors, you’ll need to look at other aspects like the location of your boiler and whether you will need extra tanks in the loft. You can also calculate the boiler kW. The classification of your home’s structure also comes into play when choosing the best boiler.

Which Boiler Is Best For A Detached Home?

In a four-bedroom detached house, you’ll need a boiler output between 27kW-40kW. If you have 2-3 bathrooms, you’ll possibly need a 27kW system boiler, whereas a home with 3+ bathrooms will probably need a 40kW boiler.

Which Boiler Is Best For A Semi Detached Home?

Being a bit smaller than detached structures, a semi detached home would do well with a 35kW combi boiler, given the hot water demand is not that high or your family doesn’t mind waiting for the hot water to refill. If the demand is higher, or you have concerns about heating efficiency, a conventional or a system boiler is your best bet.

Which Boiler Is Best For A Terrace House?

Terrace houses tend to be smaller, but the number of inhabitants still impacts hot water needs, if not the heating. Thus, you might dodge the combi for any 24-27kW system or conventional boiler which performs more efficiently in this type of situation.

Which Boiler Is Best For A Flat?

The combi boiler heats water immediately and proves to be the best boiler for one bathroom flat with little demand for hot water. A small flat with 10 average-sized radiators and 1 bathroom will require a combi boiler that produces 24 to 27 kW output. For a medium-sized flat, with 2 to 3 bedrooms and up to 15 radiators, you will need a 28 to 34 kW combi boiler. Considering that this is a single unit that’s mounted on the wall, the combi is the best boiler for a small space.

Which Boiler Is Best For A Bungalow?

A 29kW combi boiler gives the right amount of hot water and heating for a compact space. For a two-bedroom bungalow with 1 bathroom, and at most 4 radiators, the most suitable boiler size should be between 24-27kW.

Nonetheless, you can obtain all the answers regarding which is the best boiler for you by calling the professionals at The Boiler Installation Specialists. We can provide an accurate boiler quotation and calculate the size of the boiler in proportion to the size of the home and your family’s needs. We also provide a boiler finance option, so you don’t have to worry about the budget before getting a new boiler installation.

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