April 22, 2019


What boiler should I choose for my home in Hertfordshire?

Getting a new boiler is a big investment and it is really important to us here at The Boiler Installation Specialists that we explain how your current system work and understand what you would like to achieve.

Sometimes customers are happy to keep the same boiler type as previous but many times customers will look to change boiler type to something which will suit their lifestyle more.

Have you moved into a home with an existing boiler which does not meet your needs, or did you wait for your existing boiler to break before you replace your boiler with something more current?

Conventional boiler ( also called regular) is a boiler which operates together with a hot water cylinder and a cold storage tank in your loft. The boiler will do the heating part and the hot water comes from your hot water cylinder and they work together to provide your home with hot water and heating.

Combi boiler ( combination boiler) is one unit ( boiler) which provides you with instant hot water and heating and you no longer have any tanks – just one boiler supplying instant hot water and heating. You can get an online quote from us to either get a like for like replacement quote or for an upgrade for when you wish you get rid of your hot water cylinder and have a combination boiler instead.

Combi boilers are great in small to medium-sized homes in Hertfordshire as they are space saving, compact and operated on mains pressure which usually means you get a hot powerful shower. We always advise our customers that combi boilers are designed for one tap operation however it is possible for you to run 2 taps depending on your pressure/boiler size in your home.

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