May 6, 2021


Spring Cleaning and Inspection of Boiler

Spring in the UK is very unpredictable! You can witness rain, snow and sun in the same season. Temperature is usually around 11°Cin this season, so you might still need a jacket while going outside. It also means you’ll need an adequate heating system in your home for a cosier indoors.

But blooming daffodils make many homeowners lethargic about their boilers’ maintenance. People think they won’t be needing a boiler in the pleasant Spring weather. And ignoring the boiler’s health may lead to uneven heating. No matter what type of boiler you have installed in your home, regular checkups and routine maintenance is essential. It ensures everything is working fine in the dicey UK Spring. It will also help you minimize operating and energy costs.

Don’t wait for your annual boiler cleaning and maintenance. You can even routinely check your boiler yourself with a daily, monthly, or quarterly maintenance checklist. Though it won’t be as good as an inspection by a certified expert, still it’s better than leaving it on its own.

Spring cleaning and inspection of the boiler give it a longer life, increased energy efficiency, better financial savings, and optimal performance in the unpredictable spring season.

But the question pops up – how do we do it?

Let’s get you some tips and expert advice on how to spring clean your boiler:

1. Give The Boiler Some Rest

Your boiler has worked tirelessly during Winter, so now it’s time for some rest. Temperatures are rising, and there is ample sunlight, which will give your house the required heat and light. Not only will this reduce your bills but also ease off the systems. You can also utilise this time to check for parts that might have faced wear and tear during Winter. It will prepare it for the Fall season too.

2. Are The Radiators Working Fine?

Not only the boiler, but the health of radiators is equally essential. Check if it needs cleaning or replacement. Start with a general inspection of radiator pipes, check for any leaks or cracks. Replace any problematic pipe immediately, or your heating system could collapse.

After this, you can start with bleeding the radiator. This process releases any trapped air from your radiator so that it can heat up properly.

Then you can move to the cleaning of steam radiator vents. You can find these vents halfway down one side of each radiator. First, make sure that these vents do not get painted over or covered by furniture. And if the air hole is plugged with dirt and debris, clean them out simply using a fine wire or sewing needle.

3. Check Performance and Fuel Levels

Since Spring is probably the best period to replace heating oil after Summers, you can check the fuel levels and refill adequately. The oil demand is lower in the Spring, so use this opportunity to fill the tanks for the Fall. It will save you a lot of money and the stress of last-minute buying. While you are preparing for the future, also check for performance tweaks. Fine tune boiler settings to keep the boiler up and running when the season comes.

4. Call An Expert

While these three maintenance tips are a great way to make sure the boiler is running smoothly in the Spring season, the best step is to call an expert for boiler maintenance. Annual service by a certified expert ensures each component of the heating system is fine. During Winters, boilers take the maximum toll, and hence Spring is the best period to inspect the boiler thoroughly for effective heating. This is where an expert will guide you best.

Make sure you call a registered engineer or an accredited partner. They will also help find any wear and tear or corrosion, check leaks, replace the parts, and inspect the gas pressure. Accredited partners will also check the boiler warranty and provide compliant services.

Spring cleaning and inspection of the boiler can prepare your boiler to function efficiently. And if you find out that your boiler needs an upgrade, this season is perfect for replacing a boiler. The Boiler Installation Specialists are Diamond Accredited Worcester Bosch Partners can upgrade your boiler to the latest gas and oil boiler models. At The Boiler Installation Specialists, you’ll also get attractive boiler finance options to get the best heating system without spending a lot. Give us a call today to know more!

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