September 12, 2018


Replacement Boiler in Essex

Are you thinking about replacing your boiler in Essex or London as winter approaches? Now is the ideal time to upgrade your heating system and keep your home warm and cosy during the cooler months.

Why Consider a Replacement Boiler

Investing in a new A-rated boiler has several significant advantages, such as:

  • Improved Efficiency – Upgrading from a G-rated to an A-rated model can result in fewer breakdowns and cheaper energy costs. Studies have shown that such an update can save homeowners at least £300 per year on heating expenses.

  • Improved Comfort – A modern boiler not only delivers more reliable heating, but also keeps your home consistently warmer

  • Long-Term Savings – While the initial cost may seem a lot, the long-term savings on energy bills and repair expenses make replacing a boiler a wise financial move..


Top Brand Options

If you’re looking to get a quote on a replacement boiler in Essex, Hertfordshire or London, The Boiler Installation Specialists Ltd can provide the latest models at highly competitive prices, including those from top brand Worcester Bosch, for whom we are an accredited installer.

With prices starting from £1800 for this brand of boiler including our installation service, you can easily get the best possible price for your new boiler.



The Boiler Installation Specialists provide quick and accurate quote for both private homes and businesses in Essex, London and Hertfordshire looking to replace a boiler.

Our technical heating experts will produce a quote according to the type of fuel you use and your unique requirements. If you need a boiler replacement in Essex or the surrounding locations,. Use our online tool and get a quote today.

Or simply get in touch today on 0345 262 49 89.

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