November 12, 2020


Reduce Carbon Footprint with New Boiler Installation This Season!

It’s that time of the year again when you have to rely on your central heating system to meet your daily heating requirements. Boilers play a significant role in our home, but its efficiency deteriorates with age. Older boilers tend to become less efficient and consume a lot of energy; as a result, they leave more carbon footprint. Upgrading the home heating system by installing a new boiler can help you in getting efficient heating with less air pollution. Contribute your bit to the environment by installing a new boiler this coming season.

How New Boiler Help You With Clean Heating?

Boilers can cause problems when they are not serviced regularly or, if need be, replaced. And it happens with boilers because they are working continuously in the cold season. Therefore, it becomes essential to check on your boiler before the winter season and upgrade to a new one for an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Research suggests that new boilers may help prevent up to 1.92 tonnes of CO2, which is being released into the atmosphere every year. This is a sizable amount and certainly has a greater effect on our environment. Yes, it is possible to reduce the carbon footprint by installing a new boiler.

Old Boiler vs New Boiler

One should not overlook the importance of optimum energy consumption. Where old boilers are less efficient and tend to consume a lot of energy, new boilers consume a lot less energy and produce far efficient heating. Energy usage is perhaps one of the most important things we all look at. Boilers older than 7 to 10 years become inefficient, and hence, should be replaced, as long as you aim to reduce your energy consumption and do your bit to the environment.

You can considerably reduce your carbon footprint with a boiler replacement with a newer, more efficient boiler. New boilers also meet all the standards of energy efficiency set by regulatory authorities. As per new regulations, your boiler must have an ErP efficiency rating of 92% or above and must comply with the guidelines, whether it is gas, oil, electric, or any other type of boiler. With the compliance and efficiency of a new boiler, you get more control over your energy usage. You can also monitor energy consumption more closely to get smarter home heating.

All in all, it lets you contribute towards minimising carbon footprint. Plus, when you have a better efficiency boiler, you are less likely to face any inconvenience or stress caused by frequent repair and untimely breakdowns.

Installing a new boiler gives the homeowner complete peace of mind, with its significantly lesser maintenance costs, breakdowns, and almost no inspection costs. Whereas with old boilers, you’ll have to call a service person for every wear & tear, heating inefficiency, or even carbon monoxide leaks. Problems with old boilers are numerous; therefore, it is a prudent decision to replace it with a new one.

Some of the most famous eco-friendly Worcester Bosch boiler models:

• Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i Combi Gas Boiler- 25kw – 94% efficiency

• Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30i Combi Gas Boiler- 30kw – 94% efficiency

• Worcester Bosch 2000 25kW Combi Gas Boiler- 25kw – 93% efficiency

You can explore more eco-friendly models according to your budget and requirements. With a new boiler installation from TBIS, you can also enjoy a 10 years guarantee, top-grade fixes, hassle-free installation process.

A new boiler is a safe and smart bet for home heating solutions amidst these uncertain times. It saves you from the inconvenience at odd hours or having to go through the pain of repairing the old boiler. Get your fully controlled new central heating system.

Switch to a greener lifestyle by installing a new boiler and reduce your carbon footprint. Talk to the experts at TBIS about how installing a new boiler can benefit you and help you save on your energy bills. We are here to help you!

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