April 3, 2019


New Boiler Quote Harlow

The Boiler Installation Specialists- Get a Quick Quote on a New Boiler in Harlow, Essex

Need a quote on a new boiler? The Boiler Installations Specialists can help you get the best estimate for your household in Harlow, Essex.

If your boiler is incessantly breaking down, that’s obviously a sign you need a replacement. The money spent on replacement parts can quickly mount up, and you might even find that components are difficult to find or been discontinued. There comes a time in every boiler’s life when it simply wears out and stops working properly. However, even if it’s still working, it’s probably not as cost-effective as newer boilers. If your boiler isn’t an A-grade model, it definitely won’t be as efficient as modern boilers.

A-rated boilers have an energy efficiency rating of 90% or more; therefore, at the extreme end of the scale, replacing a G-rated boiler with an modern unit could save you around £300 a year. Once you have agreed a quote on a new boiler, you can choose from a wide choice of finance plans to make life much easier.

Our in-house team will then deliver and install the boiler at your home in Essex. Endorsed by leading regulators, we have over 30 years of experience in the industry. You can get a quote on new boiler on our website, or simply call free today on 0345 262 49 89.

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