January 7, 2019


Looking for Experts in Oil Boiler Installations?

Are you looking to have an oil boiler installation in Hertfordshire or Essex?

When your boiler is well maintained, it will offer highly efficient heating at competitive prices.

When any boiler breaks down in winter, it can seriously inconvenience your household. Oil boilers in particular need checking more often because excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel form within the heat exchanger.

If your oil boiler has broken down, there are some initial checks you can do. Firstly, check to see if there’s sufficient oil left or whether the oil level indicator is faulty. Secondly, take a look to see if your oil valves or taps are switched off.

If it’s time that you got a new oil boiler, The Boiler Installation Specialists can carry out this type of services as quickly as possible and install both gas and oil boilers throughout the South East of England.

Why choose an oil boiler installation for your home in Hertfordshire or Essex?

Oil is actually a more efficient fuel than gas and these types of boilers can be very energy efficient, particularly the A-rated boilers. They’re also more environmentally friendly than gas boilers as they produce slightly less CO2.

If you need an oil boiler installed at your property, simply get in touch with our team today.

0345 262 49 89.

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