June 16, 2020


How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill During This Pandemic

Amidst lockdown and restrictions in most parts of the world, everyone is spending time at home. Life has taken a complete turnaround. Businesses are cutting costs, the economy is plummeting and people are required to work from home to support the business requirements. People are considering cutting down on costs as much as possible. Electricity bills can also take a toll during this period because of increased electricity use. Here are some of the ways to reduce your electricity bill during this pandemic.

1. Be Energy Efficient While Working From Home

Continuous use of desktop or laptop or other gadgets is likely to shoot up energy consumption; therefore, you should try to minimize the use of energy as much as possible. Try to use power saver mode as many devices as possible and also switch off or unplug printer and scanner when not in use. Use the computer’s sleep mode and power management features to optimise energy consumption. Open the blinds and curtains in the room and use natural sunlight, it will not only save electricity but help you with better health too. Replace old tube lights with the latest LED lights and switch off all lights when you leave the room. These little hacks can save you big and also help the environment.

2. Shutdown the Not in Use Appliances

Home energy use is close to 30% during the middle of the day. During the peak periods, when everyone is separately using their electronic devices, watching TV, binge shows on Netflix or playing video games, you can ask the family members to spend some time together by watching the same movie or playing board games. These activities will not only save energy but will also help in making family bonding more strong. The bottom line is why waste energy on different gadgets separately, when everyone can sit together and have a good time. It would help minimize the power consumption dramatically and result in massive savings for the household.

3. Set a Timetable for Laundry

Rather than doing the laundry every other day, set a timetable. It would ensure your important tasks are taken care of along with up-to-date laundry. While you do the laundry, you should dry it out rather than using the dryer. It would not only protect the fabric of the clothes, but they can also be dried in the natural sunlight and kill bacteria and viruses. For instance, if you wash 5 pairs of clothes every two days, you can wash them once a week. You will be surprised to see the amount of energy you’ll save.

4. Don’t Switch Off Heating Systems or Boiler Overnight

You might think the heating system and boiler swallow more energy, thus you should switch it off overnight to save energy, but it will only increase electricity consumption the following day. In a loosely insulated home, the temperature may drop quickly when the boiler is off in the night. When the room lacks heat, water vapour inside can make walls damp and result in massive structural and cosmetic damage to the house. It is not cheaper to keep boiler on overnight, but considering these things, it’s better to keep it on and save you from future repairs. You can use thermostats and timers to minimize energy consumption and effectively switch off the boilers overnight.

These are some of the smart ways for an electricity bill reduction. You should be mindful of your household’s energy consumption too and by adopting some of the above measures, you can go a long way towards keeping the power bill down during this pandemic. If you are looking for new boiler installation in London or replacement, you can contact us. We are still working during the Covid-19 virus outbreak, and our engineers maintain proper hygiene and distance recommendations.

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