July 26, 2022


How to Get The Best Boiler Installation in Basildon

Installing a new boiler is one of the most significant investments homeowners in Basildon makes for their homes. It’s not just an essential component for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature but also for an uninterrupted hot water supply throughout the house. If you want to install a new boiler, here is how to get the best boiler installation in Basildon.

Why and When Do You Need a New Boiler

When do you need a new boiler in Basildon

If you look carefully, you’ll notice clear signals that indicate when it is time to replace the old boiler. Though you can troubleshoot some issues by yourself, if you notice any of the following occurrences, you might need to call a professional boiler expert:

Noise while operating
Higher energy bills
Strange odour
Frequent breakdowns
Low water pressure

Replacement is a wiser option when the cost of fixing the boiler exceeds the installation of a new boiler. Or, if your boiler is ten or more years old and still functional, you should consider updating to a more efficient boiler that will reduce your energy costs too.

Things To Consider Before a Boiler Installation

Some key factors you must consider before you get quotes from boiler installers in Basildon-

• You need to know what type of boiler you will need- a conventional or a combination.
• You will need to determine what size would work best for your home.
• What is the best place in your home for boiler installation?

A professional can recommend the best compatible boiler with your home’s current plumbing system and the safest location for your new boiler. 

Which Boiler Is Right For You?

How to find right boiler in Basildon

Different types of boilers offer different benefits, and you should consider everything when deciding which central heating boilers are right for serving your home and your family adequately for years.

Cost of a New Boiler

A new boiler’s cost is not only determined by its brand. The installation price also adds to the cost of a new boiler, which includes materials and expert labour. If you want the project done correctly and safely, don’t compromise with a certified and highly qualified engineer.

Brand of Boiler

The brand you select will heavily decide the cost. You will need to research brands and compare prices to get the best brand at a reasonable price. Also, look at these significant characteristics in brands and models:

• The warranty periods
• Trustpilot reviews
• Efficiency ratings
• Awards
• Customer service performance
• The prices of various units within the same brand

Additionally, you can ask professionals for their recommendations. 

Availability of Space

• If you have adequate room to spare, a traditional boiler can be a good option.
• A combi boiler would be useful if you have a tiny space or prefer something more compact.
• A system boiler may be required if your home is big, but it takes up more space since it needs a hot water cylinder.

Finance Options

Boilers can be expensive, so check for boiler finance options. Some boiler installers offer finance options, and you may not need to approach the bank for a loan. With The Boiler Installation Specialists, you can get a brand new Worchester Bosch boiler with installation from* £1800.

Finding an Engineer in Basildon for a New Boiler Installation

Finding a boiler installation engineer in Basildon

The boiler installation requires expert hands. Finding the right engineer to install your new heating system not only helps you now, but its impact goes for years while you enjoy your hot water and cosy home. If you are looking for an expert boiler installer in Basildon, reach out to The Boiler Installation Specialists. We are a proud diamond accredited Worcester Bosch installer in Basildon and provide all kinds of boiler installation and removal services.

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