January 10, 2020


How Future Proof Is Your Boiler?

Every year when winters hit, homeowners start looking for options to bring in the cozy vibes at home. Options range from heaters to boilers; there are a lot of things that can help you keep warm in the cold and chilly season. Boilers not only play a vital role in saving you from the freezing water and keeping home warm but are also a big investment. While buying boilers, one has to be very smart to identify whether they are purchasing the future proof boiler or not. Proper research and study of a boiler that can serve you right in the futuristic approach.

Here are a few things that you need to look for while buying your next boiler:

  • -Efficiency
  • -Compatibility
  • -Size
  • -Ease of Usage
  • -Warranty


The efficiency aspect of boilers is considered to be one of the most important aspects while opting for new boiler installation in Hertfordshire. An efficient boiler reduces emissions and also does not cause a hike in your electricity bills. Bringing in a future proof boiler can save you from incurring a hole in your pockets by saving you from paying hefty bills. Efficiency ratings come in two formats SEDBUK and ErP, which lets you know about the efficiency of the boilers. A highly efficient boiler not only helps you by saving on the bills but also protects the environment.

Compatibility with the Smart Technology

Getting Worcester Bosch Approved Installers can adhere to the futuristic need of your home is a smart buying decision. Make sure that you get a boiler that is open-therm compatible, which will let you gain control over the heating process. A boiler that is smart tech compatible communicates with the room thermostat and in turn, allows you to control the heating according to your needs.


Boilers are available in different sizes to serve different purposes. There are big sized ones which can meet the requisites of big homes whereas there are small ones too which can cater to the needs of an average home. So, the size that you should opt for should be calculated according to the needs and requisites of your home. Big sized boilers prices may also vary depending on the size, but one can get the help of Worcester Bosch Boiler Finance to buy a boiler that can cater to the needs of your home.

Ease of Usage

Handling a boiler shouldn’t be rocket science. After bringing in the boiler home, it solely becomes your duty to use it. The boiler installer is not going to come to your place for putting it on and off every time. So, bringing in a boiler that is easy to use is your best bet. A boiler that is simple to use is appropriately labeled and is preferred over the complicated ones. Go for boilers with digital screens; they are easier to understand.


Considering the futuristic approach, a boiler that includes a guarantee or warranty is more likely to be selected over a boiler that doesn’t. You might not get into a situation to use it, but it is always good to have one additional security factor. Just like a helmet is a safety gear to keep you safe while driving, these warranty cards can help you stay in peace of mind for some time. At least you have a notion that your boilers will be replaced or repaired at the company’s expense if something goes wrong in the stipulated time.

Make sure you consider these points before boiler installation in London. If you are looking for experienced hands for the new boiler installation or replacement contact The Boiler Installation Specialist. With 25+ years of experience and Diamond Accredited Worcester Bosh installer in London, we strive to give you the best heating solution.

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