August 23, 2019


Hide Your Boiler With Simple Kitchen Designs

Boilers are valuable and essential appliances in almost every home in the UK. But, there is a downside to it; they all don’t look pretty and blend with interiors seamlessly. It spoils the beauty of your home, particularly the kitchen, if not positioned nicely. Many of us place it in our kitchen, and therefore, it is necessary to hide your boiler to keep your kitchen neat and beautiful.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. Many of us face this problem, and we will try to solve that problem in this article. If you have placed your boiler smartly, it not only adds value but also, adds beauty to your kitchen. You can camouflage the boiler and at the same time beautify your kitchen with these simple kitchen designs hacks. You can always try these creative, out of the box and budget-friendly ideas to make it look beautiful.

Some of these pocket friendly design ideas are as follows:

You Can Hang A Chalkboard In Front Of It

Hanging a chalkboard right in front of the boiler might be one of the best design ideas. Hang a chalkboard in such a way that it hides it while also allowing easy access whenever needed. It works well for many homeowners because it does not require much investment, and it is simple and easy to do.

Build A Cupboard Around It That Matches The Décor:

The other way to hide it is by building a cabinet around it which matches the current decor of the kitchen and doesn’t look out of place. The beauty of your kitchen remains intact with this method. It is one of the most common design ideas used by homeowners to keep their kitchen nice and beautiful. You would have noticed it many of your friends’ and relatives’ kitchens.

Build A Separate Space Within The Kitchen Or Some Other Place:

If space is not a constraint for you, then you can create a purpose-built area for your boiler. It can act as a mini utility room where you can keep other appliances that you’d like to keep covered. If building a separate space is not possible for some reason, you might as well consider creating a false wall and a new door.

Buy Boilers That Are That Look Beautiful:

These all tricks will help you in hiding your boiler but what if you can get a combi boiler that you don’t need to hide. Worcester Bosh is one of the companies that make beautiful looking boilers that have many options in color and design. These New Worcester Bosch boilers are so good looking that they enhance the beauty of your kitchen interior.

While it is easy to hide the boiler using these kitchen design ideas, you should also keep in mind a few more factors before you design/hide the area. These points are as follows:

Always read the dos’ and don’ts of the boiler before placing it. It should be accessible, easy to service, and away from any harmful objects.

There should be sufficient ventilation for both combustion and cooling air. Read customer manual for more details or contact the supplier/specialist beforehand.

The cupboard or the material used should meet the necessary fire standards.

Follow all the regulatory requirements for safe installation and working. You can always seek help from the experts of boiler replacement and installing services. The Boiler Installation Specialists Ltd always advises the customers to take safety measure related to boilers first.

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