October 12, 2020


Heating Tips to Keep Your House Warm in Autumn

Are you looking for some tips to keep your home warm and comfortable as the weather gets cooler? Here, we provide all the necessary information that could be a great helping hand for you.

So, in general, keeping your house warm is important for your overall health and wellbeing, particularly during the autumn season.


Autumn in UK

The temperature  starts to drop sharply in October. You can expect highs ranging from 14°C down to 12°C, with lows of around 7°C. It is also the rainiest season for many cities in the UK, so make sure you have the necessary arrangements to get set for the wet and cold weather.

what measures we need to take to ensure efficient heating?

 As per the experts, central heating with the help of a quality standard boiler is the most effective way to keep your home warm and cozy.


5 best tips for you to follow:

  1. Check Boiler Efficiency
  2. Repairing the old Boiler
  3. Buy Thick Curtains
  4. Cover Up Exposed Pipes and Spaces
  5. Installing a New Boiler


1.  Check Boiler Efficiency

 Your boiler’s efficiency determines how quickly and effectively it can heat your home. Regular maintenance checks are essential, especially as temperatures drop. If you notice any issues or if your boiler is aging, then replacing it with a new one is a better idea. Always opt for a quality boiler that meets all the energy requirements and complies with the safety standards.

2. Repairing the Old Boiler 

If there are any issues with the boiler that you think may impact it working, you should get it repaired ASAP so you can enjoy the autumn season (and coming winter season too) in the warmth of your home. Get your boiler repaired properly by a boiler expert.

3. Buy Thick Curtains

Having thicker curtains in your home helps reduce the amount of cold air coming in and keep a check on hot air escaping. Look for curtains made from heavy materials like velvet or wool for maximum insulation. The thicker and better the material, the more heat will be contained within the space, thus giving you better temperature maintenance. You may also tuck your curtains behind the radiator to stop even more heat escaping.

4. Cover Up Exposed Pipes and Spaces

 Exposed pipes and gaps in doors or windows can allow heat to escape, leading to energy wastage. Insulate pipes with foam sleeves or wrap them with heat tape to prevent heat loss. Seal gaps around doors and windows to keep cold air out and warm air in. Additionally, consider using draft excluders or door sweeps to minimize drafts under doors.

5. Installing a New Boiler

 All these efforts may go in vain if your boiler is not ready for the season. If your central heating system is beyond service and repairs, it may be time to buy a new boiler to get optimal heating. Get your existing boiler inspected. If you are spending too much on its maintenance and repair regularly, it is advisable to buy a new boiler instead.

The new boiler would be far more effective and give better efficiency. What this means is you would be able to get more heat quicker than your old boiler. In the long run, it might save a lot of costs, time, and efforts. If you are tight on a budget, there are options to buy a new boiler with a 0% APR where you’ll get a new boiler for which you can pay later.


TBIS Expertise

At TBIS, we understand the value of effective heating solutions in keeping your house warm and cosy, we provide complete services to ensure that your heating demands are satisfied successfully.

our offer:

  • Professional Assessment – our expert specialists thoroughly examine your heating system and make personalised recommendations to improve performance.
  • Quality Installations –  we ensure that our installations match industry standards and are handled with precision to provide dependable, long-lasting performance.
  • Effective Repairs and Maintenance – we prioritise efficiency and dependability to reduce downtime and inconvenience.
  • Energy-efficient Solutions – specialising in energy-efficient heating systems, including smart thermostats and renewable choices such as solar panels, to minimise energy use and expenses.


By following these heating tips, you can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout the autumn season. Remember to prioritise regular maintenance and invest in energy-efficient solutions to improve heating efficiency and save energy expenses. You can stay warm and enjoy the cool fall weather without worrying about the temperature indoors.

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