September 22, 2021


Everything About Boiler on Lockout

Boiler on lockout? No worries. Boiler systems start facing disruptions after a certain period, and it is inevitable. Timely servicing and good upkeep can minimise these disruptions. Whenever such faults occur, boilers may get locked out to avoid any further damage. Without knowing how to fix lockout, handling such a situation could become challenging for boiler owners. Know everything about your boiler maintenance and when the boiler is on lockout helps you handle the boiler in such situations comfortably.

Here is everything about boilers on lockout and how to take care of it:

What is boiler lockout?

In simple words, boiler lockout means boiler shut down. It is usually a sign that there is something wrong somewhere in the system. A boiler lockout is nothing but a safety feature that comes into play to avoid fault from escalating. There could be several different reasons behind boiler lockout. That’s why people often have difficulty in identifying the problem and thinking about the next step.

Here are some possible reasons for boilers lockout and what should be your next course of action.

What are the reasons that cause boiler lockout?

Different brand boilers can have different build, depending on features and type, so identifying the exact reason behind this problem could be tricky. But there are certain issues that often lead to boiler lockout. Following are those reasons for boiler lockout:

Pump Issues – There may be something wrong with the pump of central heating; it might be blocked or seized. Such problems in the boiler pump lead to a lockout of the boiler.

High/Low Water Pressure – Boilers work well under a certain pressure. Standard pressure should be around 1.3 bar. Whenever there are fluctuations in the pressure, and if it goes up or down significantly, then it’s a high chance that it would lead to boiler lockout.

System & Heat Exchanger Blockage – Boiler’s lockout is inevitable if dust or debris is coming from the heating system. In some cases, the condensation pipe outside can also freeze or get clogged. It is often detected by the boiler and thus leads to lockout.

Power Failures – Power failure is said to be the most common issue for boiler lockouts. It happens because of a faulty display board, fuse, tripped electrical, or some major underlying circuit issue within the boiler itself.

Fan Issues – The boiler has a fan that plays a critical role in venting toxic gases outside. Whenever there is an issue with the fan, your boiler will most likely lockout.

Ignition Problems – This issue is mostly with old boilers. If the ignition of the boiler fails thrice, boilers are programmed to lockout. Faulty gas valve, lack of gas pressure or trouble with ignition will most likely lead to boiler lockout.

What should I do When Boiler Lockouts?

Check the fault code – Refer to the boiler manual to check the fault code. In case you don’t have it at the moment, you can search it with the help of the model’s name and the error code displayed. Search on Google or on your boiler manufacturer’s website to find the list of fault codes and causes. You may also call your boiler company customer care if you are unable to find it. They will better explain the potential cause of the problem and the next steps.

Check the Oil Tank – Carefully check the fuel level. Sometimes there is no fuel, and that’s the reason behind the lockout. You need to fill it up if fuel’s the case. Also check for damages to pipework in the tank and boiler, it could be another reason for lockout.

Reset – Most of the time, resetting the boiler is the best way to fix boiler lockout. You might want to refer to the manual again for understanding how to reset the system, or you can search online with your model’s name. You can also get in touch with an engineer, as it is worth seeking professional help at this point.

How to Prevent Boiler Lockouts?

One of the best solutions to prevent future boiler lockouts is to have your boiler serviced regularly, and if it is too old, replace the old boiler with a new one. Once your boiler receives annual servicing, there is less chance of boiler lockouts.

According to home heating experts, getting your boiler serviced annually is the best way to get optimum efficiency from your boiler without untimely lockouts. Moreover, it reduces carbon emissions and boosts the safety of your home heating systems. We all know, the efficient the boiler, the more the savings. It is also advisable to have a carbon monoxide detector installed if you don’t already have one.

If you need any help with home heating systems or boiler lockout, TBIS experts can help you. Boiler lockouts are a safeguarding mechanism that keeps a check and prevents your boiler from further damage. There is nothing to worry about! Our experts will help you in getting the most efficient home heating. If you need a new boiler, TBIS provides boiler finance services too. From boiler lockout to new boiler installation, we are here to help you in every way. You would need an expert, call us today on our freephone.

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