September 12, 2018


Did We Just Replace Britain’s Oldest Boiler?

The Boiler Installation Specialists is a prestigious installation firm based in Sawbridgeworth on the Hertfordshire/Essex border. We have extensive knowledge to call upon as a specialists firm installing boilers and central heating systems on a daily basis however it is not often we come across a original 62 year old boiler!

We were contacted by our customer based in Harlow, Essex as he required a boiler replacement quote to replace his 62 year old Crane Cavalier open flue floor standing cast iron regular boiler located in his basement in his 10+ bedroom property.

The previous boiler was 130,000 BTU  so we decided to install a brand new top of the range Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40CDI Regular boiler. This top-performing regular boiler is suitable for large homes and has the highest heating output of the wall-hung Greenstar regular range.

We could not obtain flue clearances for replacement boiler to go in the same position as existing boiler so we sited the new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40 CDI ERP Classic regular boiler in the room above.

We renewed the hot water cylinder in the basement in this 10+ bedroom farmhouse in Harlow, Essex, installing a brass circulating pump to circulate hot water around a loop to deliver hot water straight to the tap outlets to avoid drawing of long cold water dead legs. Reason for the brass pump is – brass will not contaminate the domestic hot water.

The emersion heater was installed and re-wired as customers existing wiring was faulty. We installed Honeywell motorised valves with a new timer and wireless room thermostat for hot water and heating control.

All pipework and radiators were power flushed with F3 chemicals to break down sludge and debris deposits in customers heating system in order for it to work to its maximum efficiency running the new boiler.

A Worcester Bosch Greenstar magnetic/non-magnetic filter was added to the return pipe of the new boiler as the water will circulate through the filter before it hits the boiler to pro long the life of the heat exchanger.

Heating pipework were all lagged in the basement to prevent freezing in the colder months. The heating system was commissioned,filled with inhibitor, balanced & tested and handed over to a very happy customer after a 2 day installation.

We are Worcester Bosch Diamond Partners based in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire covering Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Greater London & Kent.

Our customer based in Harlow, Essex has benefited of a free of charge 10 years unlimited parts and labour guarantee directly from Worcester Bosch covering all parts and labour of his brand new boiler for complete peace of mind.

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