March 18, 2021


Checklist: Before Letting Your Gas Engineer In The House

If you do not check gas appliances regularly, the safety of residents may be compromised. Unstable gas safety may result in some serious trouble later on.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common safety threat that looms around households with gas boilers. Carbon monoxide is common in gas-powered appliances. It can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked. Make sure that there is no leak. Otherwise, it can be harmful to everyone within the premises. Unsafe gas appliances may also leak thus, leaving the house vulnerable to fire and explosion. Therefore, ensure the proper functioning of fire and safety alarms.

Hiring a gas engineer requires equal attention. You should only hire certified engineers. Never make the mistake of hiring anyone who appears suspicious. They may often impersonate somebody else and enter your house, which is another high risk.

Here’s a checklist that all the homeowners or tenants should follow before letting the gas engineer in the house:

• Check Gas Engineer’s ID card-

All registered engineers have to carry their ID cards that substantiate their expertise. Before hiring someone, make sure you check their ID card and assess it carefully before letting anyone start work on your gas applications. The Gas Safe Register is the UK’s only authorised governing body for gas companies and engineers.

• They Should be on Gas Safe Register-

All gas engineers and gas professionals must be on Gas Safe Register before carrying out any gas related work. They’re obliged by law to register on Gas Safe Register to work on residential, commercial, or industrial gas-related services. Research has found that a third of UK adults do not always check gas engineer’s identity before assigning them work. Don’t make that mistake. You should always check whether or not they are on the Gas Safe Register.

• Hire Only Recognised Officials-

Check gas engineer’s uniform and ID cards. Also, ask and confirm whether they have the required certifications to work on the project. It is crucial to verify their details and experience for your safety. Look for tell-tale signs, and in case of any doubt, do not let them in the house. You can call the gas service companies to substantiate their authority and identity.

• Inspect the Gas Appliances Carefully-

Carefully inspect each visible component of the boiler and its connection after they are done with work. In a recent survey observation, homeowners either forgot to ask basic questions, some blamed lack of time, few assumed they are registered, and the majority of them were too polite or too embarrassed to ask. It may appear odd; however, it is crucial for your safety and others around you. So, take that step. Even after the engineer has carried out the work, you should check everything, including your boiler, central heating solutions, and proper boiler installation. There should be no leaks or no performance issues with the gas components.

It is imperative to follow this checklist before you let any gas engineer inside the house. You don’t know who they are. They can be potential imposters too. Therefore, the only way to confirm and have peace of mind is by checking their identity and making sure they are legit on GAS SAFE REGISTER. Don’t forget – safety is of utmost importance, and the responsibility to make it right lies with no one but yourselves.

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