September 29, 2020


Broken Boiler? Here Is What You Should Do!

Keep in mind, broken doesn’t always mean unusable. When it comes to a boiler or heating system, broken usually refers to a system that needs servicing or repairs to make it usable again. In other words, when your boiler is not performing well, it is time to get it repaired.

The first thing that might come to mind is to call for technicians to handle your broken boiler. For this, you will typically be required to follow some tips and instructions before the technician arrives.

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It is worth noting that not all issues need an expert’s visit; some can be handled with DIY steps too.


key signs when you need expert help

🦠 Upsetting Stinks – The smell of burning oil, metal, or plastic is an indication that your boiler radiator is overheating. Or smell similar to rotten eggs, which is a warning of a gas leak. In either case, awful stenches should prompt you to close down your boiler.

♨️ Loss of Heat – This you might not notice so quickly, as there is a slight delay before your boiler begins conveying heat. When the delay is getting longer and longer until there is no heat at all when you turn your boiler on, then you need to contact a boiler service expert. It could be happening because of broken or malfunctioning parts that waste energy and fuel.

🔉 Weird Sounds – When your boiler makes weird sounds like a hot kettle, it means the heat exchanger is struggling with mineral build-up. If you notice these peculiar noises from the boiler, schedule an appointment with a boiler specialist quickly.


🛠️ DIY Fixes Before Calling a Boiler Engineer

You don’t need to call an engineer to fix all your boiler problems. Sometimes a boiler issue can be solved with a quick DIY fix.

  1. Reset Boiler
  2. Re-Pressurise Boiler
  3. Change Thermostat Batteries
  4. Bleed Radiators

1. Reset Boiler

Check your boiler’s manual to find the reset button on the unit and push it for 10 seconds. The boiler should start working again in a few minutes. Try again if it doesn’t work the first time.

2. Re-Pressurise Boiler

If the water pressure indicator on the front of your boiler is showing below one, the pressure is too low. Find the boiler’s filling loop (it will be at the bottom of the unit). Turn off the boiler and make sure the ends of the hose are attached to the valves. Now open the valves and hear water filling up the system. When the pressure indicator reaches 1.5, close the valves and switch the boiler back on. 

3. Change Thermostat Batteries

Find the battery removal slots on the back of the thermostat after removing it from the wall mount. Replace old batteries with new ones. Fix the thermostat back on the wall mount housing. Wait a couple of days for a low battery warning sign to disappear.

4. Bleed Radiators

When the heating is on, check which radiators are not warm. After identifying them, turn off the heating. Let it cool, then use a radiator key and attach it to the valve. Slowly turn the key anti-clockwise and keep a piece of cloth handy. A hissing sound means gas is escaping. Once hissing is stopped, and all of the gas has escaped, close the valve.

If these DIY tips solve your problem, you can relax. If the problem persists, call an expert immediately!

What should you do before the technician arrives

  •  Surround the Pipes with Wet Cloth – You don’t need to cover all the dividers and bind of pipes, just surround the leaking ones with a wet cloth.
  • Wrap the Pipes with Heat Tape – If you have the moment to go to your nearby home improvement store, get heat tape and bind it around the pipes.
  • Use a Space Heater – A space heater can acquire your heater’s position until the expert arrives. Make sure it is away from combustible materials.
  • Turn off the Water Flow – Turn off the water flow if the pipes burst. The first thing to do is to stop water spilling out of them.


Always hire a trained professional for boiler repairs, or else you may have to spend extra Pounds on additional repairs or an early boiler replacement. The Boiler Installations Specialists have trained boiler technicians to properly diagnose and address any problems your boiler is facing and schedule repairs with the pros at TBIS.

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