Upgrading your system to a combi boiler?

Posted 14th October, 2018

Are you thinking of replacing your current regular boiler and hot water cylinder with a new A-rated high efficiency condensing combination boiler? Are you aware of the benefits of having a combination boiler where you will receive instant hot water and heating and a space saving option as you no longer require your airing cupboard setup. A combination boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and central heating boiler within one compact unit which modern editions fits inside... read more

Replacing a floor standing boiler

Posted 20th September, 2018

Our customer in Harlow, Essex had a floor standing open flue combination boiler in their kitchen. This boiler was approximately 35 years old and expensive to run. They liked the idea of instant hot water and heating but wanted something more cost efficient and modern. We were instructed by our customer to install a more modern cost efficient solution so we installed a Worcester Bosch 34 CDI Classic in their garage with a vertical flue through their flat roof with... read more

Replacement Boiler in Essex

Posted 12th September, 2018

Do you need a quote for a Replacement Boiler in Essex or London? If you’re thinking of replacing your old boiler in Essex, now is a great time with winter around the corner. Whether your current model is always breaking down or simply not efficient enough, a new A-rated boiler could make your home warmer while significantly lowering your heating bills. Studies have shown that replacing a G-rated boiler with an A-rated model can save at least £300 a year. Buying a replacement... read more