Everything About Boiler on Lockout

Posted 22nd September, 2021

Boiler systems start facing disruptions after a certain period, and it is inevitable. Timely servicing and good upkeep can minimise these disruptions. Whenever such faults occur, boilers may get locked out to avoid any further damage. Without knowing how to fix lockout, handling such a situation could become challenging for boiler owners. Know everything about your boiler maintenance and when the boiler is on lockout helps you handle the boiler in such situations comfortably. Here is everything about boilers on lockout... read more

Condensing vs. Non-Condensing Boilers

Posted 19th August, 2021

When looking for a new boiler to replace your old one, you need to make sure the new one gives you more efficiency and features than earlier. Your home boilers could be condensing or non-condensing type. But what's the difference? Knowing the difference between condensing and the non-condensing boiler will help you most efficient home heating. Condensing boilers are typically water heaters fueled by either gas or oil. They can achieve high efficiency by condensing water vapour in the exhaust gases... read more

How Hard Water Affects A Boiler

Posted 22nd June, 2021

Boilers are essential in UK homes as they provide central heating and hot water when needed. Combi boilers heat water by directly integrating with the direct water supply system. Since boilers are mechanical systems, they are susceptible to operational problems now and then. Hard water is the primary cause of boiler malfunctions. From scale build-up to pipe blockages, this article aims to feed you knowledge on how hard water affects the boiler. What is Hard Water? Hard water is water containing loads of... read more

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