Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Posted 15th April, 2021

Carbon Monoxide is one of the most harmful gases to our health. And if we don't take proper measures to prevent it, it can be deadly too. But what exactly is carbon monoxide? How harmful can it be, especially in the home, coming from central heating and other sources? and how it can be avoided? Let's discuss everything one by one for toxic-free home heating. What is carbon monoxide? Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless, and tasteless, highly flammable gas. It is... read more

Checklist: Before Letting Your Gas Engineer In The House

Posted 18th March, 2021

If you do not check gas appliances regularly, the safety of residents may be compromised. Unstable gas safety may result in some serious trouble later on. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common safety threat that looms around households with gas boilers. Carbon monoxide is common in gas-powered appliances. It can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked. Make sure that there is no leak. Otherwise, it can be harmful to everyone within the premises. Unsafe gas appliances may also leak thus,... read more

10 Central Heating & Boiler Problems and Their Solutions

Posted 5th February, 2021

We all hate it when bad central heating and boiler disrupt our daily routine. Poorly maintained central heating lead to ofttimes problems during winters. It could be, disrupted hot water supply or lack of heat due to inefficient central heating in our homes. These disruptions can cause a lot of chaos in our household. What if there was a way to predict these issues and prepare for such an event in advance. Well, today, we are going to discuss just that.... read more

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