Why A-rated Boiler is Best Choice For Complete Home Heating Solution

Posted 7th August, 2020

What is A-rated Boiler? What makes it the best choice for your home? Are there other types of boilers in the market too? Well, if these are some questions that are hovering over your mind, then you might get there answer today. Understanding A-rated boilers in detail will help you make a wiser decision and also save your hard-earned money. Without any further ado, let's get started! What is A-rated Boiler? A-rated boiler usually refers to the Seasonal Efficiency of Boilers used... read more

Save Money on Boiler Repairs

Posted 29th June, 2020

Boilers have become a must-have appliance for every home because of the convenience and comfort it adds to your lifestyle. Be it warm water requirement for washing dishes or for taking your daily relaxing morning shower, a boiler in the home makes it easy. But, to enjoy the hot water and warm house daily, you have to take boiler servicing and maintenance seriously, else you can face time to time inconveniences like a boiler malfunction or improper heating. Not only... read more

How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill During This Pandemic

Posted 16th June, 2020

Amidst lockdown and restrictions in most parts of the world, everyone is spending time at home. Life has taken a complete turnaround. Businesses are cutting costs, the economy is plummeting and people are required to work from home to support the business requirements. People are considering cutting down on costs as much as possible. Electricity bills can also take a toll during this period because of increased electricity use. Here are some of the ways to reduce your electricity bill... read more