How to Check Gas Consumption of the Boiler

Posted 24th March, 2020

Before we find out ways to find out the gas consumption of the boiler, it is important to know a bit more about its functionality and efficiency. You need to check whether or not the installed boiler at your home is certified. There are benchmarks set by various authorities to measure factors such as efficiency, cost, and performance output. Let's understand more about boiler efficiency and common methods used for calculations of gas consumption The initial cost of a boiler is... read more

Lesser Known Benefits of Central Heating Boilers

Posted 26th February, 2020

We all know that boilers play a vital role in our home, especially in winter. They cater to your instant hot water needs and provides round the clock heating to the home. With some research, you can get the best available central heating system for your home. But for that, you should have an understanding of how these boilers work. One should know which type of power boiler needs, size of boiler and radiators, type of hot water requirement and... read more

How Future Proof Is Your Boiler?

Posted 10th January, 2020

Every year when winters hit, homeowners start looking for options to bring in the cozy vibes at home. Options range from heaters to boilers; there are a lot of things that can help you keep warm in the cold and chilly season. Boilers not only play a vital role in saving you from the freezing water and keeping home warm but are also a big investment. While buying boilers, one has to be very smart to identify whether they are... read more