May 24, 2022


Best Smart Thermostats of 2022

The thermostat helps increase the efficiency of your heating system while giving you complete climate control in your living space. But choosing the best smart thermostat that fits your preferences can be a daunting task. You’ll need to check for its utility, convenience and more. Fortunately, The Boiler Installation Specialists is here to save you some time with this list of the best smart thermostats of 2022.

What is a Thermostat?

A boiler thermostat is a device that switches a central heating system on and off according to the temperature settings. It maintains the temperature of your home at your preferred setpoint.

To accomplish this function, it uses the principle of thermal expansion. Furthermore, there are two common types of smart thermostats:

  1. Uses gas-filled bellows
  2. Uses bimetallic strips

How to Choose the Best Smart Thermostat?

To choose the best thermostat, look at the cost mainly and closely examine the basic functionalities such as cooling, heating, and scheduling options. Smart thermostats are more complex since they not only have cooling and heating systems but also have dehumidifying and ventilation features. Most importantly, a thermostat makes your home more comfortable and helps reduce home heating costs.

When choosing a thermostat, you might need to consider the following traits:

  • What specific type are you interested in? If you prefer advanced features such as controlling the thermostat with your voice, consider buying a smart thermostat.
  • Take into consideration your HVAC system. Check on the packaging exceptions. Certain models of smart thermostats do not support all types of HVAC systems.
  • You will need to find out the scope of your wires. This might require you to open the existing thermostats to see what kind of wiring they have. For example, new thermostats require a C-wire, while older ones require at least two low voltage wires.
  • Think about the aesthetics of your home. The current smart thermostats come in various shapes and styles that will suit your home’s décor.

Does the Smart Thermostat Require Professional Installation?

The answer to this question is not a simple yes or no. If you have the relevant knowledge to install it and know how to place the wires correctly, you can manage to install it. But, to ensure effective functioning, you might need to call a professional to install your new boiler thermostat.

Best Smart Thermostats of 2022

Here are some of the best smart thermostats of 2022 that you can buy right now. These are user-friendly thermostat models with modern features at cost-effective prices.

Hive Active Heating 2

Its user-friendly interface allows you to control heating remotely. The latest design presents a more modern version of its predecessor with a reflective finish that allows it to blend in more with its surroundings.

Hive Thermostat Mini

This model can control up to six heating zones. With the help of an app on your phone, you can adjust the settings such as scheduling for heating and turning on your geolocation too.

Honeywell Evo home

It can easily control temperatures in separate rooms, heat their under floors and control hot water, all with one thermostat device. Its a preferred choice for many homeowners in UK.

Drayton Wiser Multizone

The biggest benefit of this Drayton model is its easy installation. Within half an hour, you can have it up and running. Each kit comes with two radiator thermostats and allows you to control the temperature in different rooms using smart radiator valves.

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation)

The latest generation model offers loads of features in heating your home and water. Plus, using its app gives you additional benefits like voice controls to work with Alexa and Google Assistant, and it can detect when no one is home.

Tado Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

This smart thermostat has a GPS feature that can detect your presence. It takes local weather forecasts into account and sets the temperature accordingly. Moreover, you can control this thermostat remotely using an app on your phone.

Nest Thermostat E

The Nest Thermostat E-Most is both aesthetically appealing and most up to date. Being an improvement of the third-generation Nest Thermostat, it is also pretty straightforward to install.

Netatmo Smart Thermostat

The Netatmo gives you an inexpensive option for a Smart Thermostat. Plus, it considers both the inside and the outside temperatures when setting up the temperature and allows you to set different schedules and switch between themes.


Genius is easy and efficient to use. It helps save on overall costs and provides an excellent choice for a big house or business. Additionally, it allows complete heating control.

Netatmo Modulating Thermostat

One advantage of the Netatmo Modulating Thermostat is that it supports Open Therm boilers. Additionally, it has the auto care feature, which comes in handy in troubleshooting any boiler control issues.

Upon selecting a smart thermostat, or even if you are still undecided, you can contact the professionals at The Boiler Installation Specialists to guide you through installation and testing. We also offer further insight into your system’s traits to determine which boiler thermostat it is compatible with. Making a switch to a smart thermostat might require a bit more work on your system, but the TBIS heating experts can point you in the right direction toward a modern, energy-saving abode.

Contact us today if you want to buy a new boiler, install a new boiler or both. And don’t forget to check out our boiler finance options.

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