June 3, 2024


The Benefits of Combi Boiler

Combi Boilers Benefits

Energy efficiency is becoming a priority in the UK, so choosing the right heating system has become more important. The European boiler market, estimated to be worth £33.5 billion in 2022, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2% from 2023 to 2032, reaching £75.7 billion. The numbers are huge and the main drivers of this amount are the developed nations like UK or Germany and France.

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Before we jump to analysis, let’s get a better understanding of the combo boilers themselves. So,

What is a Combi Boiler?

A combi boiler, short for a combination boiler, combines a central heating boiler and a highly efficient water heater into one unit. Combi boiler drastically differs from the traditional ones, it does not require a separate hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank. This makes combi boilers a more convenient and cost-effective option for a lot of houses.

How Does a Combi Boiler Work?

Simply put, When you turn on a hot water tap, a combi boiler heats the water instantly as it flows. Let’s take a look at the process briefly:

  • When a hot water tap is turned on The combi boiler receives a signal to begin heating
  • The boiler receives cold water from the main supply
  • The boiler’s burner heats the water as it flows through an exchanger
  • The hot water starts running directly to the tap, providing an immediate supply

The Benefits of Having a Combi Boiler

Combi boilers are perfect for smaller homes or apartments when space is limited. They are compact and don’t require separate hot and cold water storage tanks.

When it comes to efficiency, combi boilers are very good at it, some with over 90% (even up to 98%) efficiency. It results in large energy bill savings.

Another benefit is related to comfort and immediate supply. You no longer need to wait for the water to heat up, instead, it is a constant supply whenever you need it.

The initial installation expenses of a combi boiler might be less than those of traditional systems due to their simplified installation requirements and only a few required components.

If you are mainly worried about the environment, then we got a good news for you. Combi boilers help to reduce carbon emissions by using less fuel. It perfectly aligns with environmental sustainability goals.


  1. Make sure there is enough main water pressure in your house to operate a combi boiler. If there’s low water pressure, you may need to take care of this first.
  2. Even though combi boilers take up less area, you must still make sure there is enough space for their setup and maintenance.
  3. Choose the one with the high energy efficiency ratings.


Combi boilers offer modern, effective, and space-saving solutions for many UK households. Investing in a combi boiler now could lead you to long-term benefits in terms of energy savings and environmental impact. By carefully considering and consulting with a professional installer, such as Boiler Installation Specialists Ltd, you can make smart decisions that strike a balance between comfort and affordability

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