February 5, 2021


10 Central Heating & Boiler Problems and Their Solutions

We all hate it when bad central heating & boiler problems disrupt our daily routine. Poorly maintained central heating leads to ofttimes problems during winters. It could be, a disrupted hot water supply or lack of heat due to inefficient central heating in our homes. These disruptions can cause a lot of chaos in our household.

What if there was a way to predict these issues and prepare for such an event in advance? Well, today, we are going to discuss just that. Here are some common central heating and boiler-related problems along with their solutions. Let’s have a look!

1. Lack of heating from the boiler/ No or less hot water

The most common central heating system issue that homeowners face is less amount of hot water from the boiler. It is often due to the failure of valves as they are prone to such risks. Our suggestion would be to get it checked thoroughly by an expert engineer.

2. Water Leakage

Water leak from the boilers is also a common issue in UK households. To get to the root of the cause, find the source. It mostly occurs when an internal component of the boiler breaks and causes water to leak. Sometimes wear and tear of the openings and joints is the reason. Pressure valves can also cause leak issues if it is not in order. To fix these issues, you need a boiler expert. Only if you have the knowledge and experience to do it, then only attempt to fix the issue on your own. Although, it is advisable to call a certified engineer for the best results.

3. Noisy Boilers

When boilers become old, they may develop gurgling noises. Sometimes central heating pumps develop blocks that cause unwanted noise. Other times there is noise similar to an explosion just when the boiler starts. It is due to the trapped-up gas. The good part is that there is no rocket science to fix the problem. You need to remove the airlock from the central heating pump. If you face problems in locating the source of the noise, you can call an engineer.

4. Boiler Pressure

Your boiler may start losing pressure due to reasons like a possible leak, broken valve, or defunct radiators. To check the problem, you need to have a look at the pressure gauge. A reading of below 1 indicates low boiler pressure and hence the cause of an ineffective central heating system in your home.

So, what do you have to do? Simply observe the pressure and make it a routine to inspect basic things for best performance. Any reading like below 1 should ring a bell. The ideal pressure reading is between 1 to 1.5.

5. No Main Light

The main light or pilot light in a boiler is usually a small blue flame. It keeps the burner lit. Any inefficiencies with pilot light may result in boiler performance. Thermocouple could be the potential reasons behind such a problem. Sometimes it breaks, which disrupts the gas supply. You need to look for these signs and replace the thermocouple if it is not working. Call for a boiler expert if need be.

6. Frozen Pipes

There is a condensate pipe in every boiler. Its primary role is to transport the acidic water, produced from waste gas, out of the boiler system. This pipe normally runs outside into the drain. Based on the location, it may freeze during winters. As a quick fix for such a problem, you can place a warm cloth, hot water bottle, or some heating pack on that frozen pipe. Pouring hot water can also work as long as you do it correctly.

7. Radiators Not Heating Up

Radiators could not be heating because of the sludge or air that builds up in the system. You would notice that only the bottom of the radiator is heating. In such cases, you need to do bleeding of radiators.

Sometimes it may be because of the balancing issue. Then, you have to ensure that the right amount of hot water reaches the radiator for even heat distribution. To fix the problem, you need to call a heating engineer. They have all the resources and are equipped with tools to clean the system and remove the sludge.

8. Thermostat Issues

Another common issue households face is with the thermostat. Most of the time, you may need to replace it. But before doing that, check for common reasons like it should be on, and it should have the correct time and schedule setting.

Buying a new one is a more reasonable option to fix the problem.

9. Kettling Issue

Kettling may occur due to Limescale buildup in the boiler or its piping. If you hear strange noises coming out of the pipe, such as whistling or gurgling, then it is an kettling issue. To solve the issue, you need to flush out the pipes to remove the buildup. If there is no improvement despite the move then, call a boiler engineer.

10. Heating is fine but hot water is not

As the boiler gets old, this problem becomes common. The underlying issue is with the valve. It gets filled with sludge and dust. So it directly impacts the hot water supply.

It is advisable to invest in routine maintenance and service of the boiler to avoid such problems.

A boiler is one of the most crucial appliances in the house. Hence you should know to be familiar with these issues. Make sure you regularly maintain the boiler and also get your new central heating system checked. While small problems you can handle yourself, major issues may require you to contact a certified boiler expert. If the costs of repair outweigh the cost of a new boiler, then replacing it with a new one is always a good idea.

If you are looking for an expert for new boiler in Sawbridgeworth you can contact us. We have been in the business for more than 25 years and know what exactly needs to be done with the home’s central heating.

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